No justice no peace

Peace and Power is a call for justice. But where there is no justice, there is no peace. When you wear this you're representing radical Love that calls out oppression from its comfortable crevice. You're representing a neighborly call to love oneself and those around you. You're representing a defiant call to see ourselves as made in the image of the Divine in spite of evil systems that say we aren't even human. And you'll probably do all that at concerts, during demonstrations, and in classrooms. All of the above. Peace and Power, no question. 

njnp tee.png



njnp hoody.png

Hoody - Black


njnp hoody crimson.png

Hoody - Crimson


njnp crewneck black.png

Crewneck - Black


njnp crewneck crimson.png

Crewneck - maroon